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Media 10
Media log #2
Bowen Gao

Recently, the relationship between China and South East Asia become very strained due to China's building of artificial islands in disputed parts of the South China Sea. South East Asia says China is undermining peace and stability. However, china retorts that what it is doing is to protect its territorial rights.

There are 3 news coming from different media, 3 news basically tell the same story, but they emphasize quiet different points.

According to people’s daily (news paper published in China 5/4/2015), the US has a prejudice against China. In fact, Countries in South East Asia such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines have been doing construction on the islands which China own for a long time. They did build airport and deployed missile and aircraft to disputed waters. The US ignore what other counties did but have a double standard, which is unfair. The US is trying to instigate others to confront China in order to stabilize their leading power in Asia & Pacific. Chinese government believe that it is not the US’s business, and the US should not get drawn into the disputes.
The main idea of this news is that the US is playing the role of “Global Military” or “World’s police”, and the US should do something for peace instead of intervening in the South China Sea issue. The writer of this news neglects how other counties involved in this issue deal with this problem but emphasize the US’s action. The News is not distorted but it is completely exaggerated when writer says the US is instigating other counties. In my opinion, the writer is biased against the US, and he should focus on evidence of ownership of South China Sea.

According to a news report “Tiny islands key to ownership of South China Sea” written by Bill Hayton in May 3 2015 in BBC News, South East Asia claim that China’s actions have eroded confidence and may undermine security but china convinced itself and believe that it is rightful owner of the South China Sea. Bill Hayton also indicates that The US does not care which country owns this area but they get involved in this disputes because of interests. China thinks the US is anxious to remain the world’s leading power. Bill Hayton think what concerns the US is that china is redefine the international law to suit its interest instead of China’s rise, and the US and its allies is just “hold the line”
The newspaper is issued by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), and the idea of this news is fair and