Media and Self-Image Essay

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Media and Self Image

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Date: October 3, 2012

Media and Self Image Media has become one of the most influential factors in society today. There are positive and negative sides to media, but more so negative for self esteem in most people. There are young girls, young men, children and even adults having to face media in a off-putting way. Also, there is many different ways people can be affected by media such as magazines, celebrities, jobs, older siblings/relatives, movies, shopping centers and so on. Ones self esteem and self image can be damaged immensely by what media can say or do.

Let’s start with magazines, celebrities, billboards; the works. The image that society has of women, through these factors of media, is that women must be extremely slender, busty, covered in make-up, and showing skin. Photographers and editors Photoshop their every picture to make sure that their woman (or man) of choice is completely flawless. Thus distorting the natural beauty of the subject in the photo. Famous people are starving their selves in order for them to be “accepted” by society. Those tending to the expectations of society are neglecting their well being, and those who aren’t are being penalized and judged for it. So, what about jobs? Jobs now a day are being more and more scarce. Why? Because what companies are starting to require is becoming far too hard to match up to. Sure, high school diploma and an education are needed to get into a good field of work. What about the little shops or restaurants that teens and young adults are trying to get into? “You must wear this type of clothes, you must look this way, you cannot be yourself.” This is basically what some companies are trying to tell people. Does anyone remember when someone was hired for their good work ethic and intelligence, rather than the way they dress or talk? Probably not. Media has developed greatly since then. Movies and shopping…