Media And Society

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The Media and Society

“When I was growing up, we didn’t have all this technology you guys do” my father would say (Miguel Gonzalez Jr.); “Growing up as a kid we were always outside, doing productive” he continued. This is showing how little the past generations actually spent with electronics. “The average American teen is spending one – third each day with some form of electronic media (electronic media and youth violence with all this exposure to the media, the youth America is bound to become influenced by all of the things the media portrays, internet, television, etc. The media affects youth so much in many types of ways such as a young woman’s confidence she may dress a certain way because of what she sees on T.V. As technology progress so does the influence that it has on teens. A boy with a video game becomes overwhelmed by the violence that game portrays. There are many ways that the media affects the lives of teens, these include the impact that it makes on the confidence of a teenage girl, the amount of violence a boy may or may not passes and the need for materialistic items in life.

Last week I was with my 6 year old nephew, playing his video game, and I hear him yelling at the game “Die! Die! Die you stupid thing!” According to the article electronic media and youth violence “electronic aggression is any kind of aggression perpetrated through technology.” Violence this young of the age of 6 is due to the constant exposure and use of these