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The Film Industry

The film industry is made up of 3 aspects production, distribution, and exhibition.
Production consists of:
Pre-production: every step of creating the film is designed and planned. The production is storyboarded and visualized. A production budget is drawn up to plan budges for the film. Production: filming all shots for the film and recording the sound.
Post-production: editing, music and preparing film for the distribution company.
Distribution is between production and exhibition. It consists of sales, advertising, the prints to theatres and the method of release. Exhibition consists of selling the experience of a film, it is the retail branch of the film industry. It involves public screenings, usually for paying customers like in the movie theatre. The exhibitor sells is the experience of a film. Exhibitors control how films are programmed, promoted, and presented to the public, they have considerable influence over the box-office success and the reception of films.
Potential risks are high when producing a film, especially funding.
Long before filmmakers begin production, they face the task of bring together enough money to get their film off the ground. Choosing the right method of funding relies on many factors, including the type and subject of the film, and the experience behind the cast and crew involved in the project.
There is also the risks of actors or members of the filmmaking crew. If an actor is incapacitated because of sickness, injury or death and cannot complete his or her role, the movie is in extreme jeopardy. The movie can also fall down hill if one thing goes wrong, it will be in jeopardy if funding is stopped, and if actors walk out, distributors decide they do not want to distribute your film. Filmmakers have to then start to go into looking to go to film festivals, but that will in the meantime stop the process of getting a profit from the film, that means more spending.

Case study
Avatar and the journey it had to make from ideas to exhibition. Avatar is a box-office hit and this is a timeline of James Cameron’s ideas to development. It took 12-years in development. Avatar is a 2009 American science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron, and starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Joel David Moore, Giovanni Ribisi and Sigourney Weaver

1995: James Cameron writes his first draft for "Avatar".
June 14, 2005: After eight years of short-form IMAX movies and vague statements that a "Titanic" follow-up is in the works, Cameron reveals that he is developing two competing projects to be shot in 3-D with custom-designed high-definition cameras like the ones he experimented with on "Ghosts of the Abyss" and "Aliens of the Deep." One is called "Battle Angel" and the other is tentatively titled "Project 880." He plans to make them in that order, but eventually changes his mind — to this day, Cameron still intends on going back to "Battle Angel."
June 29, 2006: James summer vacation is over; it's time to go back to work." He also mentions: " 'Project 880,' we'll probably release it as 'Avatar.' "
July 17, 2007: Although the actors are operating under a strict gag-order, details begin to emerge about