Media Bias Informative Speech

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SPEECH OUTLINE FORMAT Student’s Name: Odette Tisseglo
Date: 26 Feb
Topic: The Media
Rhetorical Purpose: To advocate
Specific Purpose: To raise awareness about the awareness of the negative effects of the media on young people.

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: Have you ever had someone tell you something shocking that you just didn’t know whether to believe or not? Where is the evidence? Have you ever made a really bad choice based on something online? B. Reason to Listen:
C. Credibility Statement:
1. Four years ago, when I was back in my country, Burkina Faso, I would look at myself in the mirror and think that I am a human being and I am beautiful. I would look at my friends back there, and think they are all beautiful.
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It also states that “Media bias was particularly evident in times of upheaval, such as war, and during transitions of power, such as elections” (Aliprandini, and Isadora, 2016)
2. Subpoint: The media is not only bias but it affects many young women and men's self-esteem because of advertisements.
a) Sub-subpoint: Jean Kilbourne is a woman author, speaker and filmmaker that talks about the ways advertisement see women. In Jean Kilbourne’s 2014 TEDTalks video titled ‘Dangerous Ways Ads See Women’, she shows this photo (visual aid #1) explaining how negative the ad was (Kilbourne).
b) Sub-subpoint: In the same video clip, Jean Kilbourne also shows us how men are photo shopped to look bigger, because that is the way men are supposed to look like in their opinion (Kilbourne). (Visual aid #2)
3. Subpoint: The media is even more affecting to children because children tend to copy things they see.
a. Sub-subpoint: According to Saul McLeod, the Bobo Doll experiment by Bandura 1963, was an experiment where the researchers separated 72 kids in three groups, the aggressive group, the non-aggressive and the control group. The findings were that the kids that watched the aggressive video demonstrated aggressiveness while playing with the bobo doll (McLeod,