Media: Computer and Communication Technology Essay

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Media place space and mobility

Comfortably sitting on rotating chair at Fountains learning center, computers around us just like the windows around us. We witness Blue sky and white clouds through authentic French window.(p 1) We might get insight into what is going on at other parts of the world by open the virtual window, turning on the computers or portable pads or smartphone. (p2) plenty of companies are seeking ways to gain public attention. A almost “real “experience of lantern show is available for simply click the suggest links, the real scene of the lantern show will vividly appear in our eyes , meanwhile, some of the media audience will not satisfy with the merely pictures and our motivation to visit the real place will expand. The television news reported as the popular of some idol series, a number of people visit the place where cast the series. Successful Media sources draw our attention , attract us, finally none of us do not know it , subtly incite audience’s motivation to travel and invariably speed up the mobility. One of the idol TV serious in Taiwan own a high circulation, a number of tourist visit the shooting area, there is no doubt that the small town suddenly become well-known due to the Series. After widely using the electric windows, human beings seems live closer than ever. All this convenience brought by the invention of Microsoft or Dos. It seems that Lovers or homosexuals can be more intimate, free video calls are available as long as there are internet connection and a smartphone. One of my friend and her boy friends are quite intimacy and they will keep in touch by internet devices when they in different stairs. Our eyes have broaden vision through the virtual window than ever and our ears are able to hear news or songs from varieties sources compared before. We see lot of things and hear news simultaneously throughout the world with a bit cost. Once upon a time, there is no media devices all over the world. Can we imagine how individual seek for help from other spaces when encounter emergent situation? Some people may use fireworks to signal others in ancient times China. Sending SOS is recognize globally from 19th century. After employing the media in society, human beings transmit message more and more rapid as the developing of the communication technology. Media play a crucial role in profound ways in our lives at present. Whilst, we are advance animal, will never content the contemporary technology and life, scientists and researchers strive to seek means to innovate. On one hand, the companies are devoted more capital to come up with the newly product and strive for taking up the market, to be the leading sheep in the industry.
According to the statistics, every 100 people there are 75 people use internet in Europe countries, which take up the highest portion among other region of the world, compared to Africa and Arab states, there are 16% and