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Why I chose this Target Market:
Studies by Pink Media Group show that 1 in 10 Australians are same sex attracted which makes the available market around 2.2 million people that can be specifically marketed to (Pink Media Group 2014). This market is more inclined to spend money on luxury goods and travel as they are defined as SINKS (Single Income No Kids) or DINKS (Double Income No Kids) meaning gay and lesbian households control and estimated annual disposable income of $20Billion (Pink Media Group 2014).

Where they get there info from?
Due to the limited publication available in main stream markets, this target market are more likely to get their information on-line from niche websites such as Gay and from location specific gay and lesbian magazines (that are also published online) such as OutInPerth, Queensland Pride and Gay News

Gay News Network (GNN) is one of Australia’s largest gay and lesbian publishing houses (GNN 2014). GNN draws on a national network of journalists and delivers stories and information relevant to all of Australia’s queer communities (GNN 2014).

Why I Chose these Journalists:
Graeme Watson – joined OutInPerth in 2011 and has recently written travel articles about Fremantle’s greatest restaurants including The Raw Kitchen (OutInPerth, 2014).
OutInPerth - (Connect Web, 2014)
Andrew Shaw – has written in Queensland Pride magazine about Fortitude Valley previously in an article about The Wickham hotel renovations, see it here at
Queensland Pride - (Connect Web, 2014)

Cec Busby – has written LGBTI articles for Gay News Network regarding where Australian travellers should travel with caution regarding gay and lesbian issues in Russia. Review the article here
Gay News Network -

(Connect Web, 2014)

Jason Webb – is a blogger for which is fast becoming the gay and lesbian travel resource (Gay Traveller, 2014).

(Connect Web, 2014)

What does dining with Dorothy mean?
In Gay culture slang, a “friend of Dorothy” is a term for gay man (Leap & Boellstorff, 2003, p 98). The phrase dates back to World War II, when homosexual acts were illegal in the United States so asking if someone was a “friend of Dorothy” was a euphemism used for discussing sexual orientations without others knowing of the meaning (Leap & Boellstorff, 2003). Today the term is still used as a more endearing term with the same meaning for all GLBTI identifications.

Dining with Dorothy in Brisbane
20th September – 22nd September 2014
Restaurant and Catering Australia
Put all the normal things aside that you would expect to do in a city with a million people, Fortitude Valley in the heart of Brisbane offers unique restaurants and activities to keep you entertained.
Fortitude Valley (also known simply as "The Valley) lies immediately north-east of the Brisbane CBD, and was once known as the hub of Brisbane's nightlife renowned for its Nightclubs, bars and adult entertainment, but this is set to change.
Brisbane has grown over the years to stand proud about its thriving gay and lesbian scene especially it’s entertaining and cultural gay-friendly events, bars, entertainment, accommodation and restaurants; such as the newly renovated Wickham hotel that has been home to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) events since 1984, you can be certain that The Valley is glittered with entertainment that is a little different.
Ting, Cloudland's collection of intricately designed booths and event spaces are exquisite.The VaTewr;vgjerihe Valley is the centre of Brisbane’s scene and the location of Cloudland, a proud member of Restaurant and Catering Australia which is a wine bar and