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The trailer is “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, there are a variety of genres that are applied to this film trailer like for example; ‘Science fiction’ is a genre that is used for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, It applies to the film trailer because of this screenshot here were we see an advanced hovercraft (Which Is a prop) hovering over this enormous city. This connotes that this utopian-like city has advanced in technology by far.
Then there is the opposite of utopian; this is called “Dystopia”; this means that is a community or society that is in some important way undesirable or frightening. “Dystopia” is another genre that is applied to ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’; it is applied in the scene where there is a market that
It’s is based on the 2nd book of the trilogy series. From the start of the film we see the establishing shot were we see a female walking through an archway that has the name "Victors' Village", this could be denoted as it can be her home of where she lives and it resembles her as being a winner. The next scene shows this female having a conversation with another girl most likely to be younger herself and she says in a depressing voice "whatever I do comes back to you & mum & I don't want you to get hurt", this can be interpreted as the girl she was talking to was her sister about how whatever she does it comes back to her sister and her mother.
This means that she must play a vital role in the film since she could be the 'decider' of her family & herself. We see then an elderly black male where he kisses his hand with fingers and then holds them up into the air, soon after everybody else does the same action as well, this could be symbolises as a community of people who support this women. But this is connoted as there is a direct quote from the book (chapter 2, pg. 24, paperback)"It is an old and rarely used gesture of our district, occasionally seen at funerals. It means thanks, it means admiration, it means good-bye to someone you love." which you also see in the first film; the hunger games. Plus in the next scene you see the sister of the main female saying the word "hope", this means that the community have hope in the female.
Furthermore, the next important scene of the trailer shows 2 males; 1 who is a well-dressed grey haired person and the other another person who looks a lot younger than the first person and they discuss about a female who "must die", this could be denoted as a powerful female who could be a problem for these people. This could be the main female we see throughout the trailer that she is seen as a victor. Then the next import scene shows a bunch of "army like" trucks riding into a town and a group of people fully clothed in white clothes. This can be interpreted in many ways such as that those people are the good guys and they are taking out the bad guys. But on the other hand they can be denoted as the bad guys irradiating a poor village. And since the main female is saying "we must leave now or they will kill us", could mean that the people invading the village are the people they want to kill.
There is another important seen where the old grey male is watching the main female character who name is revealed as "Katniss Everdeen", In this scene you can see Katniss wearing a bridal-gown which shows a variety of things, one thing could be that because the colour of the dress is white it's shows she is pure, she is innocent, she has nothing to do with this and doesn't want to harm anyone. Another theory is that she could be marrying somebody like the young blond male who we see also though out the trailer. this dress could contradict who she is because she is a powerful women even though she is being controlled she is presented as a target showing that although she has no special powers she herself is very important in one way like as if she herself is a symbol of something.
Then we go to some sort of training facility