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Paper 1: Personal: Write About A Woman You Admire Ian Polson

There’s one woman I admire, and that is my mother. I know that it’s a cliché statement to make, but I feel like being able to witness many of her accomplishments in college even though she had every reason to drop out, she continued her education with a drive to have a better life for herself and for me. This motivation is the reason for all the good things in my life and has also inspired me when I feel things are impossible. Not only do I admire her for her hard work, but also she showed me a life lesson: “Anything in life is possible if you work hard for it” Her drive and passion is the reason I look up to her.
My mom attended New Mexico State University for a Bachelor’s degree in nursing while also participating in ROTC because she was really interested in joining the military after graduation. She had a very normal schedule her freshman year, taking her prerequisites or normal classes that anyone takes and then during the evening, attended leadership lab for ROTC. Leadership lab was a mixture of a classroom lecture and then being in uniform marching outside and exercising. She was very passionate about the ROTC program, she really enjoyed it and actually after her freshman year got a scholarship through it.
A turn of events would soon hit my mother as she would come to find out that she was pregnant with me her sophomore year. This was her last year to finish her prerequisite classes and to apply to nursing school for her junior and senior year. As you can imagine this was a difficult time for her to take care of her studies and ROTC while having aching ankles, sore joints, and just being flat out tired from being pregnant, but the worst was yet to come. By junior year she had been accepted into nursing school, but she would give birth to me in the first few days of the semester. Having the drive to continue school, she would go back to class four days after having me in the hospital. In nursing school, you take eighteen credit hours of set classes, basically the school tells the students what they have to take, so my mother took eighteen credit hours plus the three credit hours of ROTC, making it a total of a Twenty-one credit hour semester for her. My mother took more then a full load of classes for the rest of her college