Media Influence On Sports

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How media influenced the way people experience sports?
From the Ancient Greece, humans have been passionate about sports and want to be able to watch and connected with their favorite games, teams and players. As the media has accumulated its popularity over the decades, more channels are devoted to sports. People now have more freedoms and options to access sports information, such as newsletters, television program, movies, and even Facebook. Recent researches demonstrated that the changing media landscape of sports significantly correlated with how would the sports fans consume. (Pfachl, 2015) This paper develops a then-&-now study for the ever-changing world of sports media and aims to figure out how the development of media
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It is an integration of technology, sound and image which make it possible for people to access the sports information anytime, anywhere with any digital device they carried with. According to research, more than 80% of sports fans will monitor social media sites while watching games on TV, and more than 60% do so while watching live events (Laird, 2012). Moreover, sport Websites, such as,,,, and draw heavy traffic very frequently. For sports, new media contained way more possibilities and benefits than the traditional media. Firstly, as many newspaper or broadcast companies shifted a greater sports coverage devoted to the online platform, people nowadays are able to stay turned in to get the most up-to-date information than ever before. For example, people will receive notifications for live games if they subscribe the related sports related YouTube channel. Second, the social media had a huge impact on the sports world for fans, players, and teams by increasing the communication between them. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, not only the athletes can connect with fans by retwitting or liking the post related to them in particular, but also the sports lovers can be more engaged in sports because they are welcomed to share their knowledge, opinions and experience online. For example, Jeremy Lin, a Taiwanese- …show more content…
With the development of Internet, new media expanded the connection and interaction between the sports fans and the games or the players than ever before. In conclusion, rather than to be eliminated from the convergence of media platforms, sports media takes the advantage of the integration and appears to be ensconced in the mass media. The future of sports media will aligned more with the Internet platforms due to the convenience and convergence. People are able to skip the stadium and experience sports in an easier, faster and more engaging