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In the film, Cool Hand Luke, the director creates many parallels between the story of Jesus Christ and the story of Luke. These parallels occur may times, however, they are not always easy to find. One scene that has a couple very good parallels is the egg eating scene. The one that is very obvious is the very last shot of luke lying on the table after he ate the fifty eggs. He is in the same position as Jesus when he was crucified. Everyone noticed that one, but there was another one that was a little less obvious. The less obvious one makes the number fifty very significant. At first, we believed that Luke just chose the number randomly but that number also represents the number of prisoners in the camp. So when Luke eats these eggs, it symbolizes Jesus taking on the sins of the world. Another parallel between Luke and Jesus is the first time Luke tries to escape, he is given away by another inmate who is caught climbing the fence. If it were not for this inmate, Luke could have gained significant distance before they realized he was gone. This makes it seem like the director intended for the inmate who got caught on the fence, to be Judas.
The final shot of the egg eating scene starts at a high angle but then goes to an eye level shot where Luke smiles at the camera. Throughout that egg eating scene there are various cuts that occur, however, one sticks out to me the most. This is all the crosscuts where it shows the reactions of all the inmates when he is eating the…