Media Manager: Establishing, Building, And Growing Social Media Integration Into Our Communication Structure

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Social Media Manager: Establishing, building, and growing social media integration into our communications structure. Designing, putting in place, and managing tracking measurements and goals to build image, involvement, and ROI. Coordinating, facilitating, and integrating social media functions across various corporate responsibilities and management levels.
Long-Term Priorities for a Goal Setting Framework: Get, Keep, and Grow * Get/Acquisition * Find new customers through social media * Decrease acquisition costs * Facilitate referrals and pass-along * Keep/Retention * Improve retention rates for newly acquired customers * Improve retention rates for on-going customers * Shorten repeat sales cycles or time between visits * Grow/Build Share of Wallet * Increase average ticket size * Facilitate cross-sell and up-sell of items/services * Develop a community and build involvement on all levels
Short-Term Day-to-Day Goals: Content that leads to Communication that leads to Conversation than leads to Conversion * Content * Audience targeted and relevant to the receiver * Share worthy (worth sharing) * Media specific (tweets short, blogs longer, etc.) * Communication * Available through means of receivers choosing * Syndicated across multiple sites * Coordinated throughout the organization * Conversation * Engages organization with constituents and constituents with constituents * Curate the conversations (not censor) * Focus on listening and encouraging others to speak * Conversion * Facilitate “Advocate” relationships with high PR value, offer reassurance and support to new customers * Make the process of gathering information before the sale easier for customers * Make the buying process easier regardless of media
One Year Plan: To establish a consistent presence across social media, coordinated with the organization’s on-going functions and goals, that has a defined set of tactics, measurements, and expected ROI contribution.
Management Structure: Social media touches roles and responsibilities in multiple areas including Marketing, Customer Service, Legal, Sales. To begin the process, we recommend the Social Media Manager work across departments, and coordinate with a small committee with representatives from each interested department.
Goalposts by Time Frame:
0-60 Days: