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Although it seemed impractical at first, I was astonishingly able to endure twenty-four hours without the use of any technology. For those living with the modern trappings of civilization, technology has unquestionably become a form of survival. Without computers, cell phones, iPods, televisions, radios, and other forms of technology, life, as I presently know it would be drastically different. I assumed that eliminating all forms of technology in my life would leave me lonely and in a loss of communication with the world surrounding me. I expected to experience frustration and boredom without my prized possessions; of course, having all intentions that life would be vacant, meaningless and mere without technology in my sight at all times. In order to prepare myself for this problematic challenge, I decided to take full advantage of its questionable positive outcomes. I pondered at the possibility of enjoying the simplicity of life without technology. Answering text messages, sending and receiving emails, scheduling my day around television shows and being compelled to go on Facebook for several hours at a time were some of the time consuming daily stresses of my day.
Therefore, I decided to remove the battery from my cell phone, disconnect my computer from its internet router, turn off my iPod and unplug my television the night prior to the media fast. From that moment in time, I knew this exercise was one I would struggle with greatly. The next morning after waking