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Analysing ‘Daisy Marc Jacobs” Print Advert
The first thing you notice by looking at the poster is how anchorage has been used. The text in the image ‘Daisy’ in large text at the bottom of the picture and ‘Marc Jacobs’ underneath in smaller text, it tells us that the advert is for perfume as Marc Jacobs sells perfume. Also at the bottom is says ‘Introducing Daisy Eau So Fresh’ which makes our suspicion of a perfume advert clear. This advert also connotes a symbol of perfume which is made to look like the flowers and daises in a field. The setting, which is surrounded by trees, and there is a focus on the perfume so it makes you think that the perfume will smell fresh and floral scented. The camera shot is almost a body shot of the perfume as we get to see the full perfume bottle but is then a close up compared to a human body as we can only see hands also the perfume bottle is the first thing we focus on as there is not much around the perfume bottles so it makes them stand out. The colours used are very light and bright such as pink, yellow and white with the blue sky and green fields. By only using two colours in the background it once again makes the perfume bottles more visible to people as the fact light colours have been used it relates back to the sun and connotes happiness which reflects the perfume and the idea of ‘freshness’ and what the perfume could smell like. The fact that the perfume bottles are shown to be larger then ordinary sized perfume bottles gives us the idea of the importance of these bottles and how they are almost like ‘flowers in a field’ and how two different sizes and colours of the same named perfume bottle tells us that there will be different options for people who will want to buy the perfume bottle. Also with the lid of the bottle being covered in flowers tells us that the target audience would be young teenage girls and above. This is because it is a perfume which is normally for woman and the look of the perfume is very young and chic, however depending on the smell. Masiows Hierarchy of Needs Theory is used in the advert as it would be targeted to the need of friendship as there are two hands showing so it is almost like they are sharing and the fact once again nature is empathized which targets the need to purity, love and affection.

Analysing ‘Miss Dior” Print Advert
The first thing you realise when looking at this print advert is seeing ‘Miss Dior’ which tells us instantly that it is a perfume advert with the brand ‘Miss Dior’ and we know that it is a perfume bottle as ‘Miss Dior’ sells perfume. The italic handwriting of ‘Miss Dior’ makes it more feminine like and it creates a whole sophisticated touch. In this advert you notice straight away how celebrity endorsement has been used by using a very famous actress such as Natalie Portman which instantly will make the young girls and women want to buy the perfume. She looks quite posed and elegant which reflects the fact that the perfume will be very fresh and audiences would think that if you wear the perfume they will almost ‘be’ and act like Natalie Portman. The fact that very light colours have been used such as baby pink and white reflects the colour of the perfume bottle which connotes that the perfume smell will be sweet, light and fresh also the colours tell us that the target audience will be young girls/teenagers due to the stereotype that pink is associated with girls. The camera shot is a horizontal body shot of Natalie Portman lying down to the side which could be to do with the female gaze theory as she looks attractive which links to the fact that men would be gazed at the advert wanting to buy it for their wife/girlfriend etc. However this could be associated with the male gaze theory because in this case it could be how women look at the actress and how they want to be like Natalie. She is looking directly at the camera and her eyes look very intense which will make the audience even more intrigued to just stare…