Essay on Media: Person and Personal Development

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Influence Media on Personal Development

Kevin Guerra
Thursday, July 18, 2013
1 Pages Media has become very normal to humans in society today because it is a part of life and our development as humans in society. Personal development can be influenced by media in many ways. Media influences all ages whether it is a 3 year toddler to a teenager to a 42 year old man. Media influences on our personal development in ways sometimes we do not notice. It influences all ages in different ways and has different methods of getting the person’s attention. Media influences by entertainment, news, and other sources like the internet or television. Although there is much more, most people are influenced by the ones I mentioned.

Firstly, since everybody has a different age it will not be the same for everybody. For example the way a person gets entertainment in today’s society is part of their personal development. A toddler would want to watch television and might sit there all day if no parent supervision is done, a teenager would want to be on their phones and accessing texts or facebook. While an older person, might enjoy more turning on the radio and listen to the news. The media impacts us a lot, but we have made it such a normal thing in our lives and it forms part of our personal development. News is very big for media, today we can know what is happening in China, India, anywhere in the world by something we call “new”, which we can get by using television, internet, phones, radios, and the list probably goes on. Our personal development revolves around what