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MASC 504 Media Project

Assignment 1

• Project logbook / diary, include rationale for project choice • Literature review – type development of ideas • Project outlines for the best ideas • PERT & SWOT analyses for each outline • 500 world pitch/proposal for the chosen project • project breakdown – list of components/what will be required • production schedule until evaluation point • budget (time and any real costs) • responsibilities of individuals who would be recruited • briefs for each individual/component • proposal for measuring performance, 500 words • Bibliography


Project logbook / diary, include rationale for project choice

After reviewing and familiarising myself with the task, an idea to create some sort of advertising material for D + I Photography company. It is a new established company and it has only their website and a very strong view on what their company's culture and values are. They offer different and very friendly approach to every customer, their focus is on families. They promote green/eco living style. They love colours and unusual but simple designs. Therefore, any promotion material should show these values.

On 16 January, I started brainstorming. The company has a website. So anything from marketing materials would be needed. Having my first degree in business management and having a good idea of marketing strategies available, I realised that this company needs something very unusual but at the same time showing their friendly approach to stand out from other photography firms. I have decided to create the main theme which later could be used in their promotional materials as business cards, leaflets, banners or posts. It had to be something incredible.

The first idea was a series of pictures (and maybe a short video) of scenes behind the camera. They could be done in black and white style. However, I had to withdraw this idea as it would be difficult to show something extraordinary what other companies do not do. The second idea was to create a very special logo, even having a motion (for example later it could be used in banners or video adverts). But I left this idea behind as it did not give me much space for interesting development. The third idea (and I liked it!) was inspired by the famous artist G. Klimt. I was thinking how I could merge drawings/ornaments and people pictures into one piece and this is how I remembered this artist's works. I started brainstorming deeper into this idea and realised that I can focus not on people, but on babies, as this would create that friendly approach climate, ornamental design would reflect company's view on colourful and unusual style of pictures. And finally, if the prints will be done on a recycled paper, for example, then the value of green living will be shown as well. Bingo! As much as I loved this idea, I had to think more. I came up with another interesting idea of showing the same baby (I liked the idea of baby being the mane figure advertising this company) in different positions and showing the values of this company. Colours could be introduced in this idea as well. And then I started thinking about vintage but colourful picture with a romantic scene which could be that one iconic picture reflecting all the values of this company.

On 17 January, I reviewed all my ideas, which I wrote on the posters. I left the last three as they were most flexible and deep enough to explore more. I had to work on them. Below I presented my logbook extract to show how the planning and what actions on deadlines were done.
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