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Media Project
Scott Thane
Psych-Human relations
Azariah Lehman 11/09/2013
Baker College
Media Project In world where different people from different places come and work together what are the standards for a healthy work environment? Being able to maintain and conduct yourself in your workplace relationships is the key to success. I don’t mean dating in the office, what I am talking about is the relationship you have with your co-workers. Having successful relationships with these people can make the difference of a happy work place or a very un-happy workplace environment. In the following essay I will review an article go over some key main points on how to maintain a healthy relationship. This will cover diversty, respect, trust and effective communication.
Diversity in the work place in ever changing either to do people getting promoted or to getting let go, every time someone gets hired there is a potential for it to be someone of a different background than yours. Just because someone is of a different race or gender doesn’t mean there any less or more qualified for the job. If you are not able to get past your discrepancies with this person it is going to make tension. Tension will always lead to there being problems in the workplace whether it comes from jealousy or from lack of communication. In the article I read it states this about diversity “Diversity can be defined as differences in the way people view the world. Whether it stems from differences in age, race, gender, education or experience, some diversity of thought will occur in any work setting. Successful practices do not merely tolerate diversity of opinions but encourage it. Diversity broadens the number of potential solutions and enables people in the practice to learn from one another.” (Tallia, p,1. 2006). Diversity is not a bad thing in the work place it can allow for different ideas from different backgrounds to be able to come up with the best scenario possible for a successful project. In the text book Human Relations it says that “A building block for diversity is to staff teams, as well as other work groups, with members who are different from each other in some important respect.” (DuBrin, p, 398. 2014). The text is simply saying that if you want the best outcome, it is best to have a team of diverse members who can work together to see the project finished.
RESPECT and TRUST Respect is another aspect of being able to maintain a healthy work relationship. I believe that respect is earned not given. Your actions and you actions alone are the only thing that can earn respect. Respecting your co-workers is an extremely important aspect of a healthy work environment. If you do not respect a persons boundaries, or personal space it will always end up causing tension. That is the only respect you don’t have to earn. Respecting your coworkers would lead to understanding and being able to accept their views on the topic. Also respect leads to trust; trust is being able to rely on someone else to get their part don in the project. Trust is the foundation for any successful business to succeed, if there isn’t any trust how can employer expect his workers to get the job done. If an employer has trust in his or her workers they can allow them the freedom to get the project done in their own way. Having more than one solution is key for maintaining a successful business. Also when there is trust their isn’t the need to overshadow the employees, having the freedom to work on their own and not worry about being shadowed by the boss is a great way to have a healthy work