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Media Reaction Paper The way modern technology and innovations created in communication have subjective the American people. In the last decade the impressions of media have facilitated opinions that people make has escalated. The origination of television and the Internet has permitted the news to broadcast throughout the world in real-time speed. The bases of this information in some occurrences can deliver the facts only the media believes that people should hear. Right or wrong and in some circumstances bad information in some cases is cast over the airways via internet, radio, and television. The media will endure running a story over and over the replaying of a story helps to reinforce this information in people’s minds thus helping to shape their opinion on different subject. This paper will discuss media’s reaction regarding the Arab and Muslim Americans since September 11 attacks. This paper will address the historic framework as well as the political content on this issue. My own opinion will be given on certain messages the media was attempting to portray was this coverage a biased or unbiased as well as was this issue sensationalized or objectively portrayed. For this assignment comes from the movie, 9/11. After September 11, 2001 became a turning point in the lives of people in America and around the world. Many Americans lost and gave their lives as well as being injured this had a huge effect on the Arab and Muslim community in living in United States. The lives of many changed due to the actions of a few even the media had a huge impact with people in how they would view these events on 9/11. Months following this tragic event news stations even radio stations their stories focused many on terrorism by Arab and Muslim people. When the average people listen to the news this became their focus of attention. With the constant media coverage, speculation came about from the media in part because of the panic among Americans. Many Arab and Muslims came to the United States for a better way of life for themselves and their families. In the early, 1800 and World War 1 Arabs and Muslims started migrating to America they settled with the general population unnoticed. The Arabs and Muslims that came to America came to escape the conflicts and war that was going on in their native lands. A large number of Muslims migrated to America back in1950 during the end of WWII. Midway through the 1960’s a third wave of immigration of Arab and Muslims came to the United States to flee their homelands this continues to the present day. The Arab and Muslims that did live in United States lived in peace up until the war between Arabs and Israeli back in June 1967. The war had caused an Arab embargo on oil making the price quadruple. Politicians, political commentators along with the media Muslims and Arabs were portrayed bloodthirsty terrorist. The media called them greedy oil sheiks bringing unwanted, unfair criticism to the Arab and Muslim community living in the United States. The attacks of September 11th American people became more distrusting with Arabs and Muslims this caused the federal government to impose the immigration laws using this as a weapon against Arabs and Muslims. The media coverage became more intense causing most American people to discriminate on the Arab and Muslim Americans. The U.S. government placed strict restrictions on immigration after the September 11 attacks. The Arab community was under constant scrutiny to prevent further terrorist attacks. The police became involved placing them under arrest and making them return to their native land. The article wanted to shed some light on how the Arab and Muslim people in America was receiving unfair treatment. The reporter did a great job on giving an objective outlook to the problem in an unbiased manner that was plaguing the Muslim and Arab people. In the article, it discourages discrimination and prejudice practices against Arab and Muslims.