Comparison Of Two Shows On Two Corporations

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By now, many Americans know that 90% of media is owned by 6 large, powerful corporations. These companies are as follow: GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. For this assignment, I chose two different shows on two different shows to get the full perspective of media. My first show was The Big Bang Theory, which airs on CBS and the second was Teen Wolf, which airs on MTV. I chose two shows on the complete opposite spectrum of TV. The Big Bang Theory is a hugely popular primetime sitcom. It averages around 10 million viewers in the ages 18-49 category. The show is about four geniuses and their across the hall neighbor Penny. The main characters Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj are physicists. Howard is the only one of the group who does not have a Ph.D., but he has masters in engineering. Penny is not a genius, but has social skills that the boys lack. I watched the show because the storyline seemed interesting and heard that it was very funny. The show was created by created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. They are head writers for CBS. CBS owns a lot of other technology related assets. These assets include: CW, Showtime Networks, Smithsonian Network, CBS Sports Network, CBS Records, CBS Home Entertainment, CBS Films. I believe the show is marketed to have sales in technology. It would benefit CBS greatly. Technology is something people of all ages use, so I think the show is targeted for everyone, not a certain age group or gender. The show is rooted deep in technology. The 4 friends often parade around or talk about new technology on the show. And, in one episode where Penny finds a measure of success in commerce through her own little beauty accessory business, the 4 friends improve on her efforts by integrating technology into the idea. Eventually, Penny’s business online with an E-commerce site begins to get tons of orders. While the technology in this particular episode was all about the Internet, it does symbolize how people can actually compete in a cutthroat world with a good idea and a whole lot of technology. Through social media, you can connect to your prospective customers easily and cost-effectively. With mobile ads, you can market your products and build your brands by reaching people on their phones. With technology, there is literally no limit to what you can achieve. The message of this show seems to be different for many people. I believe the message is that people who watch the show are a lot smarter than they think. Due to the fact that the main characters are so highly educated, they often talk about advanced science subjects that the average person would not know. The super smart jokes and references in the show are ones that everyone can understand and laugh at. It shows people that you do not have to be a genius to understand people with strong vocabulary and intelligence levels. Another message in the show is that most people perceive academically intelligent people to be robotic and less human like. This show reinforces that they are also human and experience human like feelings. People associate students in graduate school and people who have jobs that require a lot of schooling to only be focused on work and nothing else. The fact that the show contains a lot of dating, it shows that they want a relationship just like every one else. Also, highly intelligent individuals are perceived to be uninteresting and dull. In the show, none of the geniuses are boring and they have an incredible sense of humor. They are actually some of the funniest people. One main character named Sheldon has a hyper-analytical perspective of what we consider social norms. It emphasizes that it’s ok to be weird and quirky in your own way. Sheldon embraces his strangeness and it makes people feel like they can also. An example of this is that Sheldon has a fear of driving and does not have a driver’s license. Many adults struggle also with this fear and the