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I Always Feel Like Somebodies Watching Me/Domestic Surveillance

Domestic surveillance according to Mr. Woodberry CEO/ Chief Investigator is the act of observing or monitoring someone who is under suspicion. As United State citizens we are aware that surveillance is often taking place but aimed at criminals or people that are indeed under suspicion. Where things get confusing is when people of virtue law abiding citizens feel that they are being watched. Citizens of the United States of America are fearful that they are being monitored and followed even though they are not under surveillance. To spy or invade on unaware citizens’ privacy is morally wrong. Listed below are several instances where American citizens may not know they are being monitored.

We have all licked a stamp or two and sent out a letter our bill view snail mail also known as the United States Postal Service. What some of us didn’t know is that after the anthrax scare there has been a program established called the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program. This is where every piece of mail is photographed. This practice isn’t to intrude on our privacy so they say but so that there won’t be a reenactment of the things that took place in 2001. Does this make you feel safer?

Social media is one of today’s biggest trends. Whether we have logged on to look up a friend from high school or to share pictures with our family we have all used social media at some point in time. What if I told you that the MPAA has agents online that snoop on unsuspecting innocent citizens. They are undercover watching our cyber moves to find out who’s doing what illegally. Once the “Internet Analyst” figures out who is doing legal things they are then reported.

In October 2012 Edward Snowden a former private contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton leaked in a multi-page document that the NSA and an internet company were partners in a secret program called Prism. Where they were currently tapping fibre optic cables. They were also bugging Americans also other