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Social Media Analysis

In viewing social media messages, it was noticed how many advertisements (billboards, videos, commercials, written ads) were of a sexual content or nature. Three of those social media messages have been looked at, read over and viewed to determine common themes, hidden messages and promotion of gender and sexuality. Below are the three ads that have been reviewed.

Classic Calvin Klein billboard featuring a threesome

This billboard shows that if you wear Calvin Klein jeans that you are sexually open to sexual adventure. Further, more than one male wants to be intimate with you as a young woman. Shirtless and lowered off -the-butt jeans says the young woman wants to have a sexual adventure. All three are sweaty and disheveled that implies that intimacy may have already happened or it is in the beginning of the amorous adventure.

The related message of the ad is to wear these jeans and they are available in male and female for purchase. The out-right statement is these jeans will make you more attractive and desirable if you purchase and wear them. In viewing the billboard, I am unable to see many hidden messages due to it being so blatant in what is being stated. The subtle message would be a “threesome” and that it is okay as long as you wear the jeans. The common thread would be: “hot, young and wear Calvin Klein jeans.” In the book, The Real World’s article on “hooking up” for a short period of time for a sexual encounter is socially acceptable for these young people. They do not expect anything further than this casual encounter. This indicates this is another way of interacting socially without criticism or judgment.
This particular billboard highly promotes sexuality. It screams as young people, it is okay to have a threesome; it is socially acceptable. Wear these jeans and you can be young, hip and sexually active.

Advertisement ~ Promotion of Ford cars in New Delhi, India This ad was for the selling of Ford cars in New Delhi, India and is forward in the message that if you purchase this car, you are able to fit three well-endowed women, bound and gagged into the rear of the car. It further states that a male is in the front seat and the driver; he is the “victor” and can give everyone a victory sign by purchasing and abusing women in the rear of the car. This states that the male is dominate and buy this car you can be in the same position, strong, in the driver’s seat and victorious.
The common theme is that women are worth less than the automobile itself. They are bound and gagged to further the expectation of what might happen in the automobile with the male driving it. The theme is if you are to ride with me, expect to be treated as a slave and do as commanded, the male is in charge.
There is strong sexual content in this advertisement. These women are voluptuous and with being bound and gagged have little say over what may happen to them. Any gender implication is straight forward; you as women need to be in the rear, quiet, even to the point of being “shut up” by closing off your mouth with gags. The male in the driver’s seat, he is in charge. This advertisement tells the story that the male is strong and has control over women.
In reading the book, The Real World, the analyzing of mass media and culture referring to this particular ad says you as a man can have it all. Financial stability, emotional freedom to do as one pleases, acquisition of the car and the women that promotes self-satisfaction.

TV Commerical for Rembrandt Mouth Wash

“Take care of your mouth. It could be