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Media Role
Definition of the role: Write blogs about the activities that you carry out while on placement and document your experience in country.
Importance and benefits of the role

To document the work that you are doing
To raise awareness about the people and communities you live and work with
So you can share what you have learnt and your experiences with communities back home
To publicise Progressio ICS


Write blogs about your experiences, the people you meet and work with. Progressio is about people powered development so we encourage this to shine through in your blogs.
Ensure there is at least one blog every two weeks for your team
You do not have to write all the blogs yourself, but you need to make sure they are written
Make sure you have a photo to go with the blog, a caption and description of the photo
Make sure there is a title for the blog
Send the blogs on to the Progressio staff so that they can be put on the Progressio website

Writing tips from Progressio
 Write as if you are telling a story to a friend, or writing an email to family or friends.
 Do not write as if you are writing a report or an academic essay
 Describe what you have seen or experienced as if it had just happened
 Talk about what you thought and felt
 Write about things that you find interesting and that you would want to share with your friends.
It is likely that these are the things other people will find interesting as well.
 Capture the reader’s attention with the start and try to end with something memorable.
 Think about the five Ws – who, what, where, when, why – and make sure you answer all of these
 Try to keep blogs short and sweet and focus on just one thing
Ultimately the key is to tell a good story with your writing. The best way to do this is just to write about your experiences and your perceptions, in your own words.
Things to consider

Be culturally and politically aware when you are writing your blogs
Ensure you are not contradicting the objectives of the project or affecting the reputation of your partner organisation or Progressio
Identifying a particular person, for example somebody living with HIV who is facing stigma and discrimination or a specific person speaking out on a sensitive issue, could put them at risk of further discrimination or in a difficult situation
If we publish something you write, we’ll