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1. I do not read books outside of the school setting. I sometime do but it is not a hobby that I like to do whenever I have free time. I choose not to read books outside of the school setting because sometimes books bore me but I will read at times when I find something that hits my attention or that appeal to me.
2. The things that influence me to read a book are when a book can appeal to be like something I do. If I play video games and a book on video games or the video game I play comes out then ill read it. Or also if a book that come out on the Iphone or the Mac I will also read it. There is one book that appeals to me greatly though and that is the Face book because we all you use it and it has taken over our lives.
3. Some of the books that have made a difference in my life are the childhood books that I read in elementary school and also the ones my mom read to me as a kid; they made my imagination go wild.
4. I access book from either the book store where I buy them or I already have them at home to read, especially the children books which I already had for a while and we keep on our bookshelf.
5. I have kept many of the books that were important to me because I will always want to look back at what I read and liked and maybe read them again. Like the children books, every once in a while I will go back and look at them and sometimes read them.
6. I think the role of books in an age of media is that they are back up sources now because all the books we have