Essay on Media Studies Avatar Poster Analysis

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I have chosen to analyse the movie poster for James Cameron's Avatar.
The text at the top of the poster is white and bold. This stands out clearly and informs the viewer of the director's previous works, which may appeal to people who enjoyed the films specified (Terminator 2 and Titanic).
The film's title immediately hints at the movie's genre; a scifi-action hybrid. The font style emphasizes this as it has a glowing, otherworldly look about it. The font itself looks as if it is carved from stone or wood, referencing the Na'avi and their culture.
James Cameron's name is in a smaller font, which works well as it doesn't overpower the poster and keeps attention drawn to the images. The text "Experience it in imax 3D" stands out among the black background because the font style is bold and white, so it clearly promotes the 3D version of the film.
We instantly know that Sam Worthington is the protaganist from the photograph (although his name is not shown) and this may appeal to his fans. The serious expression on his face looks almost sorrowful and references the struggles his character endures during the course of the film.
The foreground image is of Jake in both human and Avatar form, emphasizing the contrast between the two planets of Earth and Pandora. This image is located in top center of the poster, grabbing the viewer's attention. The image of the Avatar showcases the detail of the animation, and the blue tones of the images give a celestial feel to the overall poster. The