Media: Suicide and Sirs Issues Researcher Essay

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Narrow face, thick lips, long neck, emaciated body, and ribs protruding; this is what popular media is displaying for all to see. This image is the “expectation”. Popular media provides a distorted perception on how teens and young adults think they need to look or act, whether it has to do with health, beauty or fashion; students of Inter Lakes School District need to be aware of this, realize it is not reality, and need to be happy with who they are. Due to the image that these medias have presented, teens have been shown to develop eating disorders to be as thin. It also has lead to many contemplating surgeries because they think they need to alter the way they look. Perhaps the largest affect the media has is all psychological, many teens have either attempted or thought of suicide and are being diagnosed with early signs of depression. “Love the skin you’re in” (Olay). By taking OLAY’s advice teens and young adults can come to terms with who they are, and try to be the best person they can be. Wow, look how tiny that person is. Look at how they can wear anything. These are just some of the thoughts that cross teens and young adults mind’s as they flip through magazine or any form of media. “Extremely altered models can create unrealistic expectations of appropriate body image” (Carpenter) that turn thoughts into unhealthy habits that are both dangerous and life threatening. Eating disorders affect up to twenty-four million people in the Unites States. That means there are twenty-four million people who believe that starving themselves or purging their food will make them as beautiful as the people they see in the media. What these people cannot seem to realize is that person they are looking up to isn’t really that thin that model has been manipulated. “These manipulated illustrations start with photos of real models and movie stars, and then computer software takes over” (Beyond). What they do is take normal people and turn them into “a physical impossibility” (Beyond) that no one could ever live up to. Children as young as five years old are being treated with having an eating disorder. Eating disorders cause changing within the brain and metabolism. This change affects how your body will react to the food, and what your body will do with it. As is progresses it can cause long term damages to ones body such as; rotted teeth from purging all the time, organ functions diminish, bones start to deteriorate, and in the most server cases: death. People are literally starving themselves, for what? An impossible expectation that only 5% of people possess naturally. These people are not only ruining their bodies, but they are killing their minds too. Eating disorders are also linked with depression. People are becoming depressed with themselves, because they are trying to live up to something they will never reach, or they just sit and isolate themselves from the rest of the world. People are consumed with all forms of media, and they just cannot get enough of it. While the media is portraying how they think people need to look and act, teens and young adults are supporting it through social media. Perhaps the largest contributor to depression and suicide among teens and young adults, is due to social media sites. Through these sites, people are bullied for how they look, or what they say. The only reason people are being bullied for the way they are looking is due to society's “expectation” of what is beautiful. Depression often leads to suicidal thoughts, but normally these are just thoughts, that’s it. It wasn’t until the media started broadcasting suicides that the suicide rate increased. Teens and young adults are exposed to it everywhere: T.V., computers, radios, newspapers, magazines. It sends the message that if one person can end their life and be noticed for it, then why can’t they. Even celebrities are being hospitalized because they cannot handle all the pressures the media is