Media Violence Essay

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Media Violence
Do you think movies, television, rap music, and video games are blamed for the rise in violence in youth over the past few decades? Well some people say television, movies, heavy metal and rap music, and video games are blamed young violence today. May people believed that if children weren’t exposed to such aggressive forms of entertainment the society, wouldn’t have the problems it has when it comes to issues like gang violence and other forms of violent behavior among the youth. I agree to this because I really see a change in the world with young people growing up today. Others argue that these forms of entertainment do not cause children to become violent and that youth who act out in brutal ways will do so regardless of what they have been exposed to. I do not agree to this and I’m going to explain why. I read that 97% of kids change their behavior from playing video games in 2008. Also, I think of course violent video games have negative effect on young kids. I can say that because my young brother plays video games, listening to rap music, and etc. that are beyond what he should be playing or listening to. Since he started playing video games and listening to music he has learned a couple of bad words. He is not being so respectful at all to anyone. I am not sure if it the video games or his friends that he is hanging out with but, from what I seen it is mostly violent video games. For example, if he plays a game he gets very angry if he didn’t beat the other characters in the game so he starts cursing, yelling and showing a negative attitude towards family member or friends. I feel as video games, rap music, movies, and television has a big impact on young people shooting today. I feel that’s because young children are getting less energy too go play outside. So when they are done with their homework they stay inside and play violence games, even the music on the video games are not so good either. This one boy said to me when I grow I grow up I want a big gun