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“I am discussing the role that media violence has on influencing aggression in children, related to experiments by Bandura.”

Many people all over the planet have had continuous debates regarding media violence and aggression among individuals in society. Media violence is a simple replica of what a society comprises of according to Albert Bandura. Bandura sees media violence as a way people can copy their true nature as they converse with each other. Bandura argued that by watching aggressive behavior acts, people learn to act aggressively, especially children. "Albert Bandura argued that aggression in children is influenced by the reinforcement of family members, the media, and the environment"(Bandura, 1976: pp. 206-208).
Bandura is famous for his Bobo doll experiment. He explained three aspects, development of aggressive behavior patterns, what influences or makes people act aggressively, and will the subjects continue to act aggressively on future incidences. The test had children watch a video of an individual hitting a doll aggressively with different items. After the video the children were placed in a room with toys that they could see but could not touch. They became angry and the process of retention set in. Then the children were placed in a room with similar toys as seen in the video with the bobo doll. The results showed that 88% of the children mimicked the actions of the model in the video and were aggressive with the doll. The same children were put into a room eight months later and 40% of the children showed the same aggressive behavior toward the bobo doll.

Definition of the topic:
Media violence dramatically or comically can portray violence and elevates it to the same order of magnitude as viewing real violence on TV or video games. An Individual can be influenced by what he or she is exposed to through the media. This is an inflated violence that is presented in a form of entertainment.
Own Perception:
People are influenced by what they are exposed to. Media Violence makes violent and aggressive actions an acceptable and normal behavior to individuals that are seeing it on a regular basis. Violence simply determines the growth and development of youth behaviors.
First of all I would like to point out that not everyone will agree with me and my opinions. According to USA Today, claims that by the time a child finished elementary school, that child has seen an average of 8,000 murders and 100,000 other acts of violence on TV.
As discussed in The Journal of Youth and Adolescence, media violence builds aggressive actions or thoughts among individuals especially youths. However, not all believed this. Paul Boxer’s publication in The Journal of Youth and Adolescence, “Even in conjunction with other factors our research shows that media violence enhances violent behavior.” Research on 820 high school students from the State of Michigan School, “on average adolescents who were not exposed to violent media are not as prone to violent behavior as those who had this exposed for most parts of their lives.” The students were then divided into groups of age, gender, and major.
The interviews asked about TV shows and movies that they were drawn to and the youth favored the “action”, “adventure”, and “horror” styles. They talked of the excitement and of the heroes in the movies and admired the lifestyles these role players lived. When asked if they ever mimicked such behaviors that they viewed they stated that in fact they have considered or have done things they saw or heard of in the media, just for fun and to prove a point.
Continued studies proved that today’s youth are the most exposed and drawn to violent and aggressive behavior due to their availability and interest in the World Wide Web and today’s advanced technology. The youth have brought such behaviors to the schools where they are always victims of violent and aggressive activities. According to