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Too often in life, something happens and we blame people. When you blame others, you give up your power to change. We have a habit of blaming others so that we do not look bad. We have a tendency to shift the blame when something hasn't gone quite right. People don't realize that they are acting the part of a hypocrite when they judge another person by pointing the finger without understanding what happened.
I do not know for others but, my personal analysis on what this particular poem is stating explicitly is that one day you see that you are surrounded by friends and having a great time. Then the next day something happens and then you point at your friend and then he gets in serious trouble and does not talk to you anymore then that keeps on happening over and over. In a few days you look over your shoulder and then you realize that you have no friends left.
Many inferences can be made about the general message is for this poem. But I think that the message of this poem is that whenever something goes wrong then don’t choose to blame someone else; instead choose to take the initiative and be a man and say that it was your fault and pay the consequences. To me this is what I think the subliminal message of the poem.
As I was thinking, I just happened to come across one memory. The cause of this memory was a relation to me and this poem. I was walking with my brother and on our way home, he found a ball. So we started to play taps near someone’s house and I threw the