Media Violence Essay

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Lilia Greensides
AP Psych
5th hour

Media Violence

Media such as TV, movies, video games, music channels etc. are playing a major role in informing and entertaining people. However, together with the benefits come some negative effects. Media violence is an issue that is mostly discussed among researchers. It is important to find whether or not violence in media causes aggression. If there is a causality, we need to take actions to reduce it, if not we just stop discussing this issue. I believe that there exists a relationship between exposure to media violence and aggressive behavior, even if sometimes it’s very small. I can say this from my observations as well. Aggressive behaviors are caused by multiple factors, as many researchers say; however, media violence is one of those factors. Media violence stimulates aggression by making the children imitate what they observe in their favorite heroes, by making the aggressive feeling and thoughts that they had before go out and by desensitizing the children physiologically due to long exposure.
Media violence can trigger interpersonal physical aggression and create a climate in which antisocial and criminal behaviors are increasingly likely to occur. The influences of media violence begin early on in childhood. On-screen violent portrayals can demonstrate to young viewers how to behave aggressively and can teach that violence is often a justifiable and effective way of overcoming problems. Various studies of any kind of media like TV, film, video games, lyrics etc. where violence can be shown, report that there is a significant effect on both genders. Researchers observe that there is change in the emotional world of a person. This person may express the change verbally and physiologically.
The outcome from long term exposure to video-games on physiology and behavior are five primarily aggressive effects which lead to an increase in aggression in the personality. These effects are: Aggressive beliefs and attitudes, Aggressive perpetual schemata, Aggressive expectations schemata, Aggressive behavior scripts and Aggression desensitization. This aggressive behavior is presented in “Personological Variables” and in “Situational Variables.” Thus, a person who is exposed for a long time to video-game violence is likely to have an aggressive personality and to act aggressively in a social situation. Video-games as part of the media contribute to aggressive behavior. Thus, media violence causes aggression.
Despite all this evidence that supports the existence of a link between media violence and aggression, there is space for doubtful conclusions while analyzing the methodology. Media skeptics relate aggressive behavior more to personality