Mediated Channels Essay

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1) In today’s world being communicate interpersonally as more important to meet people personally. Most common these days are texting, email, facebook and instagram. In my case, communicate with others through texting is more convenient rather than talking over the phone. Except my parents because they live out of country so sometimes texting is not a good idea to communicate with them.
2) In most situations, mediated channels are very useful and convenient for me. Reason, since my parents live in Pakistan and my sister moved to Australia right after she got married. The most affected way to keep in touch with them face to face is Skype. Other than that, the people who live around me I use text and email to communicate with them rather than meet face to face on daily basis.
3) By using mediated channels the communication is more effective for me such as texting and emailing. That gives me time to think and gather the words what I would like to say in order to write properly without making mistakes.
4) I feel the certain conversations where people do not prefer to use mediated channels, we have to meet them personally to discuss all types of matters. For example, aged people of our family members are not so familiar about this type of conversation and so do the young children they are not aware of all this too. In order to keep in touch or communicate we have to meet them personally.
5) The relationships which based on mediated channels often not as strong as they could be. It is very easy for them to hide their defaults by not letting them know and being dishonest from the beginning. For example, my best friend got married through Skype but they never met face to face until she got here. Things were not the same as they describe to each other over the phone and Skype which causes so many problems in the beginning. Having hard time settling down with the person who is completely opposite as you thought arising many more different problems as well.
6) There is a big difference in a quantity, frequency and quality. For example, with my friends and classmates I prefer to use mediated channels such as, texting or emailing is their preference of choice as well. Being in family needs face to face conversation is more appropriate. For example, when we do get together everyone of us prefer not to use phones a lot including kids as well keeps the phones away so we all can spend quality time. By keeping