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Mediation Interview
Crystal Butler
BSHS/442 Advocacy and Mediation
Meredith Sharp
August 4, 2014

Mediation Interview 2
The Mediator Molly Snider, Family Mediator, Intervention Specialist, Cedar Grove, 494 S. Forks Ave, Forks, WA Molly Snider works as a Family Mediator and helps families conduct interventions for their loved ones. She has been working for Cedar Grove for 5 years. To remain neutral and impartial she stays focused on the patients, their treatment plan, and the goals they have to improve themselves. When she starts to have feelings towards a situation she recognizes what is happening and reminds herself that she is there for the clients and not her own feelings. She employs the same techniques when avoiding a bias toward a situation. Confidentiality is something she takes very seriously. If she speaks to one family member in private she keeps the conversation private. Breaching confidentiality is something she works to avoid. Not only is it not in the best interest of the client, but could also cause the loss of her job. To avoid a conflict of interest she avoids becoming a mediator to family members if there is separation in the family. Such as a divorce, she will no longer continue to see each member individually as to avoid not being able to keep the best interest of each client. She feels it is hard to advise to people in a situation such as that. As a mediator she is limited in how much she can help her clients. She can only lead her clients and advise them in the best way to handle their situation. She cannot force her clients to perform the actions that will best help them. The scope of her power with clients to influence them is greater than her ability to get them to follow through with actions that