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We all have had that moment were we felt as though were in overload. In our day to day dealing with our love ones or maybe its in the workplace stress has both emotional and physical symptoms. Physical stress symptoms consist of headaches,muscular tension,backache,rashes, blurred vision, tiredness and sleep problems.

Stress is present when demands are great and when the strain of performance is presented. Working in healthcare is one of those industries that you will find to be such. As a healthcare professional myself let me tell you its takes some extreme dedication and a extremely high tolerance for stress . In my personally work experience I deal with stressful situations all the time. Whither its getting patients seen in a timely manner ,trying to get those vital signs charted at a certain time,answering calls,check in check out you will find that it can be very stressful.

Surveys show 72% stating” there stress is caused by heavy work loads due to lack of staff and it is a major affect on how well they are able to perform there job”. Stress definitely takes its toll on ones physical and emotional being but there is still ways to reduce and alleviate the stress that you may have on the job. Such as removing yourself from the stressful situation -perhaps taking your 15 minute break during the day to relax. By changing how you deal with your stress-maybe if your asked to do something that you are not able to do at the moment ,you could ask for assistants

While the job is rewarding ,did you know that a hospital