Medical Ethics Terms Essay

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1. DEFINE: Clinical Death
­the condition of a person when heartbeat and respiration have ceased
2. What is the effect of clinical death on the brain??
­the brain stops functioning
3. What is brain death?
­when the entire brain, including the brain stem, has irreversibly lost all function
4. How is brain death diagnosis?
­primarily clinical
5. What is the Uniform Determination of Death Act ?
­a draft state law that was approved for the USA in 1981 by the NAtional
Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws is intended “to provide a comprehensive and medically sound basis for determining death in allsisutations”
6. How does the American Academy of Neurology define brain death?
­coma,absence of brainstem reflexes,
7. Why is it often difficult to diagnose brain death?
­they may look like they are in a coma or in shock
8. What is an EEG?
­The EEG measures brain voltage in microvolts
9. Give and define the two types of euthanasia
­voluntary euthanasia ­ the person concerned asks someone to help them die, perhaps by asking for help to take an overdose of painkillers
­involuntary euthanasia ­ euthanasia is carried out without the patient’s consent, for example, if they are in a persistent vegetative state and no longer able to live without a life support machine, which is then switched off 10. Define: Ordinary means of preserving life
­describe those means of prolonging life which are morally required in view of the duty to preserve life and health
11. Define: Extraordinary means
­means is measures which are not in this way morally required
12. DEFINE Bioethics
­Bioethics, the study of the ethical questions arising from biological (especially medical) research and technology . Bioethics is concerned with the use of life­support machines and such medical procedures as in vitro fertilization, gene therapy, genetic screening, and organ transplants
13. What is Palliative Care?
­medical care provided by physicians, nurses and social workers that specializes in the relief of the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness.
14 Explain the church teaching on euthanasia
­The church teaches calls