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Career Essay: Medical Interpreter The career as an ASL and Spanish medical interpreter requires much more knowledge then just learning a language. In this career one must be compassionate and have an understanding of the medical field. There is a great need for medical interpreters. This need comes from the increase in diverse cultural changes. Medical interpreters are needed in many languages. As a retired nurse, I know the growing need for medical interpreters. I worked night shift and there were times when I needed an interpreter and none was available to assist me and my patient. The nurse in me always wanted to make sure that all of my patients received the
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Many point out that medical interpreters are needed to make sure all patients received the care they need. Studies have shown that medical personnel are using other patients to interpret for them; this is clearly a HIPPA violation. They are also using family members; this is also a HIPPA violation. These medical personnel that are doing this are trying to open communication barriers, in doing this they are breaking the law. This is another reason why I want to be a medical interpreter, so that medical personnel do not have to compromise their career. According to the bureau of labor statistics, a medical interpreters job tasks consist of many things. One must be able to speak, read, and write fluently in two different languages ( A medical interpreter serves as a translator between a patient and medical staff ( They must render spoken messages accurately, quickly, and clearly; as well as relay the message in the style and tone of the original language ( As a medical interpreter one must manage their work schedule on their own …show more content…
In these degrees one must have 24+ semester credit hours of the target language (The National Board of Certification for medical interpreters/Certified Medical Interpreter Candidate Handbook 2014) (3-4). I have decided to get my Bachelor’s degree; It will take me several years to obtain my Bachelor’s