Essay about Medical Law and Ethics

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Chapter 4 Review Applying Knowledge: 1. As employers, physicians have general liability in what three areas? The Practice’s Building and Grounds, Automobiles and Employee Safety. 2. According to the reasonable person standard, a person may be charged with negligence if someone is injured because of failure to perform an act that a reasonable person in similar circumstances would perform, or if an act is committed that: a reasonable person would not commit. 3. To whom is duty of care owed? Nonpatients (pg.94) 4. If a custodian sues an employing physician for ordering her to lift a heavy bookcase …show more content…
Why? If you are testifying in your area of expertise, it would be factual. 19. Define alternative dispute resolution. List and define two commonly used ADR methods. Is a settlement of civil disputes between parties using neutral mediators or arbitrators without going to court. Mediation and Arbitration. Mediation is an ADR method in which a neutral third party listens to both sides of the argument and then helps resolve the dispute. An Arbitration is a method of settling disputes in which the opposing parties agree to abide by the decision of an arbitrator. 20. As a health care practitioner, can you legally and ethically use any title you want? Explain your answer. No, because healthcare practitioners usually refers to the doctors, physicians, physicians assistants and Nurse practitioners. Use the professional title commensurate with your education and experience. 21. Define res ipsa loquitur. Literally, “the thing speaks for itself”; a situation that is so obviously negligent that no expert witnesses need be called. Also known as the doctrine of common knowledge. 22. Explain what legal action may be taken if you are subpoenaed to appear in court as a witness or to give a deposition and you fail to appear. Failure to appear will subject you to punishment for contempt of court. 23. What is the result if you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a lawsuit and you fail to appear in court? If you are the plaintiff and