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Summary on Chapter Six Chapter six begins to tell us about malpractice and the liability of the professionals. The book states on page 133, “Even when procedures or treatments take place and are conducted with the best intentions and skill, they don’t always turn out as expected.” This statement lets me know that in this chapter there are going to be examples of cases gone wrong, whether it is through malpractice or accident; and from the title of this chapter, that sentence also tells me how the cases turned out will legal wise will also be in this chapter. When a patient or patient’s family is unsatisfied with the way a procedure has taken place or the very outcome of it, they usually take it to court. – I know this is a summary, but I have a personal statement that goes well with this chapter— Before any procedure takes place, for example: My gal bladder surgery, my Cesarean Section, and even my wisdom teeth, the doctor tells you that there are always chances of something going wrong. Whether that be not coming to, clipping something on the inside with the instruments used or what not. How can you sue for something that warn is possible? The thing that sticks out most to me is my C-Section. The doctor told me “You know anything can happen in a surgery. You need to be aware of the things that can happen: you can die, you can be paralyzed from the spinal, if the bleeding doesn’t stop we may have to do a complete hysterectomy on you, or there may be some complications with not healing properly, but the chances of these happening are very slim. You had a higher chance of having a wreck and dying on your way to the hospital this morning.” – Dr. Sabolovic This chapter also tells of types of negligence and the four D’s of negligence: Duty, Direct or Neglect of Duty, Direct or Proximate Cause; Damages. Fraud for a lawsuit is when one (most likely the hospital, but could be patient) willingly hides facts needed on a case from another person. Like covering their butts, but in a very unfair way for the other person who is right. This chapter also tells about the types of defense in malpractice court cases; Liability states that everyone is responsible for his or her own actions; but in a court suit against a physician from a surgery, now they get after everyone that was involved. Because of this, most physicians carry liability and malpractice insurance.