Medical Marijuana Argumentative Analysis

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Have you ever been generally captivated by something our government confines and makes illegal that actually helps many people who need certain things for medicinal reasons, for example, cancer patients, PTSD patients, and the individuals who experience the ill effects of depression. So why should we make marijuana illegal if it will saves lives of millions? Marijuana is medically, economically, and recreationally beneficial, therefore, it should be legalized nationally.
There are dozens of different benefits to medical marijuanas. Medical marijuana can cure all kinds of different diseases, helps make the treatment for cancer less painful, it can be used to help with bad habits like smoking and drinking. As of now researchers know of the 2 different chemicals in marijuana the THC which helps with pain and causes depression to go away because it makes patients happy, and then there is CBD which helps with the chemo process and other diseases without the effects of being high. Glaucoma is one of many diseases that it helps with when smoked the THC lowers the pressure in the eye which after a long period of time can slow the progression of the
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There first year of legalizing it only brought in 76 millions but in the latest year they hit 1 billion in october exceeding the year before that by 2 months. The crime rate has also gone down because there isn't that big of need for marijuana related drug violence in the states that have legalized it. Based off of the financial research they predict that by the year 2020 more states will have legalized recreational and medical and with the the states that have already legalized this there financial revenue will increase by at least