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Types of Medical records
There are several types of medical records and how they are used. Accessing the electronic health records now in the medical field because any digital record online provides access in a virtual form, it makes it easier for the doctors to review a patients record and test results almost immediately. Electronic records also allows you to view patient’s information and notes on file from other doctors without having to relocate a paper chart. When paper charts were put away and pulled some of the documents were hard to read especially doctors who had illegible handwriting. Now with electronic records any information put into the electronic database and saved is legible for whoever is reviewing the file. “Paper records” on the other hand that are stored have to be kept on hand for at least 6 years due to healthcare regulations just in case treatments are needed. Plus someone with a big medical history needs a substantial amount of space because of the paper trail. Electronic medical records are the digital version of the paper charts in doctors’ offices. With EMR’s they have advantage over paper records such as;
It’s easier to identify patients who are due for certain screenings and checkups
Also it allows you to track data overtime
You can look up patients Past Blood Pressure Readings
You can also look up Patients Vaccinations Electronic health records the basically focus more on the total health of a patient going beyond the Standard clinical data collection in just the doctor’s office. EHR’s also do everything that the EMR’s do and more such as;
Patients can now log on to his/her own record and see their lab results over the last year, which can help motivate him to take his medications and keep up with the lifestyle changes that have improved the numbers.
Information from the PCP tells the emergency department clinician about the patient’s life threatening allergies, so that care can be adjusted appropriately, even if the patient is unconscious.
Now the differences between EMR’s and EHR’s is just the change of the middle word, but in all actuality there is a major difference between the two. When using electronic Health Records they are designed to be built to share information with other providers and specialist, and that is where the term “Meaningful Use” plays a role when information is shared in a secured way, it becomes more powerful. Where when using the Electronic Medical Records that information sometimes does not travel outside of the practice. Actually, the patient’s record might even have to be printed out, and delivered to the physician and other members of that care team. In that regard, EMRs are not better than a paper record. Information found in a progress note are generally found in the