Medical Research Essay

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Medical Research Paper
How stretching improves flexibility
Different types of stretching/flexibility techniques
How it effects joints and ligaments and how environment effects it
How gymnastics uses flexibility to positively effect body Conclusion

Stretching of the muscles and joints appropriately once a day will positively impact a persons body functions. Depending on the type of stretching, the body would be affected differently. Different techniques and exercises will allow the person to be more flexible. Environmental factors may make a person more flexible such as their genes or body type. The person’s physical activities affect their flexibilities, for example if they did yoga or gymnastics, which both involve stretching that, leads to higher flexibilities.
Slowly stretching different muscles overtime will make a person more flexible. While stretching, force should be applied to the part of the body that is being stretched and must be held just beyond the feeling of pain. A thorough stretch is held there for at least ten seconds. When in a good stretch the muscles are pulled tight and that increases the blood flow to the muscle. Increasing the amount of blood flowing to the muscle allows that muscle to become less tight which will make that muscle more willing to flex1. Before doing any vigorous type of exercise it is best to warm up the muscles first by a slow jog or anything that will get the stretcher to break into a light sweat and have an increased temperature. After the muscles are warmed up slow stretching can begin. If a stretch is held for too long or not done correctly, the muscle will become stretchy and loose instead of the desired tight muscle. Appropriate stretching however, will increase the range of motion, create good posture, and allow the stretcher to better accomplish everyday performances. Increasing the flexibility of the body will result in