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Natasha Abdulaziz
Medical Term Summer 2015
Medical Terminology Paper Outline
1. Introduction
a. General introduction about the use of medical language
b. The importance of understanding the language
c. Then transition into talking about root, combining vowels, and suffix
d. Can give a brief medical story with medical words
2. 2nd paragraph talk about the suffix
a. You always start from the suffix which is at the end of the word (cite)
b. Give example of a word such as –logy (study of)
3. 3rd paragraph talk about root
a. Root word is in the beginning of the word (cite)
b. Give example
4. 4th paragraph talk about combining vowels
a. Talk about it being the connector between the root and suffix (cite)
b. Give examples of common combining vowels
5. Conclusion
a. This is where you are able to combine all of it together
b. Restate the importance in a different manner
c. Explain the medical story with regular language
The language of medical terminology is a foreign language to anyone outside of the healthcare field. Medical terminology is not everyday language. It must be studied by an individual in order to comprehend. It is important for anyone within the healthcare field to have a clear and specific understanding of medical terminology. It is essential for staff members to be able to dialogue with themselves in an accurate manner to discuss patient health and provide the best care for the patient. It is also important for healthcare providers to acknowledge the fact that it is not east to comprehend such a difficult language. It must be used amongst individuals that understand the language or are studying the language. It is important to breakdown words into three different categories: suffix, root, and combining vowel.
The breakdown of each word begins with examining the ending, beginning, and middle parts of the word. A medical term should be understood by examining the suffix of the term. The suffix is at the end of the word. The suffix is what should be analyzed first because every medical term contains a suffix. A common medical term that can be broken down into its three aspects is the word hematology. When breaking down this word we begin with the suffix of –logy, which translates into the study