Medicinal Plants In Pakistan Essay

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old Greek philosophers, and used and documented by Muslims in glorious period of Islamic civilization. Traditional Unani medicine dependent on medicinal plants. Pakistan is rich in medicinal plants due to varied climate. (35)
Ethno botany is the study of plants. It involves how individuals of traditional culture use plants. Ethno botany has potential to provide novel plants products for the benefits of mankind.Medicinal chemistry is the sub-class of the ethno botany which is the study of traditional uses and folk knowledge of plants and human healthcare, which involves prevention and treatment of human diseases by medicinal plants. The data obtained from the Ethno medicine and Ethno botany of medicinal plants and their uses is helpful for community healthcare and drug development. This information act as a guide for the development of drugs which is under the assumption that the plant has been used by native people for a long time. (36)
It shows how indigenous plants are used by people of particular cultures and regions; ethno
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For adequate utilization of herbal plant resources traditional knowledge is important. Indian forest resources have enormous variety of flora.(65)
The traditional knowledge is dying out with the migration of rural population into cities. From the ancient time plants were harvested, and collected for domestic purpose but with the passage of time the plant collection was for making medicines for commercial use. Destructive harvesting is real threat to medicinal flora. (66) (67)
The eat up of medicinal herbs in Pakistan was estimated at 631.5 tons worth about Rs. 1.5 billion annually. (68) However, 90% of these herbs are carried from countries like Sri Lanka, China and India which grow a variety of medicinal plants for local use as well as for smuggle