Medicine and Dr. Frank Stewart Essay

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Dr. Frank Stewart
15579 Wells Highway Seneca, SC 29678 Tele: 864-882-7800 Fax: 864-882-5908 Dear Dr. Frank Stewart:
As an enthusiastic individual with a keen interest in developmental pediatrics, I am very excited at the prospect of contributing my knowledge and expertise to your facility.
I have my degree in Pediatrics that I obtained in 1999 from Stanford University. My hands on experience spans the last 15 years-in which I have worked for three practices specializing in pediatric care of children aged 0-5 years. As your practice specializes in the same age range, this is the perfect match for your needs. Moreover, I am great with kids, experienced in medicine, and work hard to ensure the optimum level of medical care is provided every child patient. I love people, and thus, love communicating with parents, children, and other caregivers. I know that for these reasons, I would make a great choice for your practice.
Working at Children’s Hospital in Chicago, I have come across many periods when both my formal training in pediatrics and experience were challenged. It gives me great inner satisfaction to know that I have been successful in facing up to most of them especially since my work involves little lives on a large scale. From chronic disorders to common childhood health issues, I have a true grasp of all since I believe in research largely. I have had experience treating both inpatient and outpatient children along with looking after