Medicine and Health Care Field Essay

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My career goal since I was in training pampers has always been to become a Medical Doctor. I have always looked up to people that work in the health care field and they inspire me to achieve my goals. The reason I want to fulfill this goal is because I want to be part of saving peoples life. I have been in the sidelines as a patient and I know how much pain some sicknesses bring to my life. I want to be there and help anyone to find the cure to their problem, mentally or physically. People think I want this because I don’t see the hardness behind everything going on around me but I do. I see how families get destroy when their child get diagnose with cancer, I see the pain that diseases cause and I want to be there to fight them. I will be one day in the hospital informing the families of my patients that the hard battle is over because we overcame it. I want to see the smile of a child thanking me for helping him or her when times were rough. I need to feel like I did everything possible to keep a person breathing and not be someone that stays home and don’t care of what happens to others. I am not a selfish person and I do put other people first and I have no regrets because of it. I was brought to this life to make a difference in someone’s life and I want to do it by helping them live with no complications. I don’t care if it takes years to fulfill my dreams and goals, I will wear scrubs one day and have medical appointments for people to see me. I will help my