Medicine and Health Information Essay

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Learning plan 10

Discuss the users of healthcare data are the internal users- healthcare facilities and caregivers, management, researcher’s External users- licensing and accrediting agencies, government, insurers/third party payers Discuss the various departments that uses healthcare data. outpatient care. Facilities include ancillary services, primary care center, emergency department How can they potentially use the data and how important is the quality of data? Its important due to the fact that it hold all the information on all clients in the hospital. A definition, of data quality is characteristics including any strengths and/or weakness of each. The definition would be data of a higher quality is if they are fit for the intended uses in the operations and decisions making and planning. The other option is the data is deemed to a higher point if its represented. It’s also the reliability and application of efficiency of the data taken,
Discuss the importances of data retrieval and analysis in health care- Health care data is considered sensitive information and is protected under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).Discuss the role of HIM duties in managing and maintaining data, Discuss the functions responsibilities and skills required in this role medical coding Medical coding includes the correct assignment of medical codes for maximum reimbursement. It also means insuring that all health records are properly diagnosed according to the ordered procedure, Medical Transcription Medical transcription refers to the accurate and timely transcription of patient health information to make it accessible to authorized parties medical staff support A large portion of health information management is providing information to physicians on those patients being treated by them as requested
Discuss the various reporting through use of healthcare data a collection aggregation