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Technology Article Review Technology Article Review

Technology is quickly changing everyday and everywhere. Years ago, if you had a question you either had to research it in the encyclopedia or talk to someone who knew the answer to the question. Today the answer to any question you have in the palm of your hands. Technological advancements are great and important, especially in the healthcare system. All the advancements that have been developed have been extremely important in diagnosing health issues and being able to cure, help, or prevent other health issues. We live in a world where everyone has a smartphone or tablet. The same things are in the hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Not only to medical professionals have the provided equipment in the facilities to help treat and diagnose health issues, but now they can also use their smartphones and tablets to get more real time information instead of waiting around for a few hours to find out what is going on. When a patient goes in for an x-ray, the doctors can now pull up the x-ray on a tablet as soon as it is ready. Pictures can now be taken on smartphones and sent to whomever to get quicker results. This may not be the case in all hospitals as of yet, but it is for some. Information systems are now more digital to the point of being able to bring up your medical file without having it on hand. For example, military hospitals have this in place. All those who are military affiliated are registered with their program, this is a lot easier, since they can pull your medical files and view everything instead of constant questions and paperwork. In the article, Can mobile health technologies transform healthcare?, the author discusses the possibilities of further advancements that our smartphones can already provide to the everyday patient. We already know we can find our answers with a touch of a button, and there are so many apps that we can download for anything we can think of. This article discusses the many uses one can use technology to their advantage. Many people don't like having to go the to the emergency room for something they could have easily taken care of at home. Its a waste of time and money on both ends for the patient having to come in and the the medical personnel attending the patient. Since everyone is connected to wireless now, medical apps would record what is going on and send it to your clinician and then the clinician would send a text or email letting you know whether or not your condition or issues requires you to come into the