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In this experiment we tested how different PH solutions react to different products. Through different trials we used the spectrophotometer to measure the absorbance of the reactions between guaiacol, H2O2, and the enzyme peroxidase. An enzyme is a catalyst that speeds up an enzyme, which lowers the activation energy. We use these to see how they influence the reaction rate of turnip peroxidase. The reactions will differ as we change the Ph. solutions.
Before the experiment, we put on our safety equipment (Gloves, goggles) because with the turnip peroxidase we need to put on these things incase anyone may have an allergic reaction. We then used a micropipette and a pro pipette to get our solutions, Peroxidase, H2O2, Ph. 2, Ph. 5, Ph. 7, and Ph. 10, except guaiacol (because it stays in the fume hood), which our lab instructor got for us. We then put the solutions inside the cuvettes in the order of Ph. (1 ml). Peroxidase (ml), Guaiacol (.02 ml), H2O2 (.1 ml). Then, we covered the cuvette, flipped it, and put it in the spectrophotometer and recorded the absorbance every 15 seconds for three minutes using a timer. We did two trials for each Ph. Every time we would switch Ph.’s we had to put the base cuvette in, which was just water, to zero out the spectrophotometer.
According to our results, PH 2 and PH 10 inhibited the reactions between H2O2 and guaiacol, even with the enzymes. We then concluded that because the absorbance barley changed with PH 5 and PH 7, the enzymes took place and sped up the reaction. There was a difference between the beginning of the reaction and the end of the reaction within 3 minutes. We then created a table containing all of our data, and also made a graph to show the variations in absorbance that…