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Taylan 1
Catherine Taylan
Mrs. Gowan
Senior Project Reflection #1
30 April 2013
Reflection #3
The day of Senior Project presentation was a very hectic day filled with nervous stomach butterflies and sweaty palms. Due to the fact I did not use any note cards I was very nervous I might say something wrong or stumble on certain words. I focused the majority of my practices to my food art demonstration in the end of my presentation because I knew it was the hardest.
Walking into the room filled with judge I my nerves doubled over.
During the presentation, I heard myself use fillers and it was somewhat intimidating due to the fact one of the judges kept furrowing his eyebrows like he was judging me. Other than that, I lucked out on having a panel primarily of women so they were very interested in my food art demonstration and the pictures of food art in my presentation.
If I could do my Senior Project over again I would not have procrastinated so heavily.
When trying to rush through my Senior Project the last two weeks before Senior Project
Presentation due I realized how easy it all was. It was basically just the act of getting up and getting motivated to do it all. If I had more time, I would go in debt with more fruits. Maybe invest in a carving knife and see how far I would have gotten in it. Also, if I could re-do my Senior Project I would have maybe tried to do a photoshoot of the food art I created to see how both careers would be like.
The best part of the Senior Project experience was learning