Meeting Customer Needs

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What is the most important way the small business you have chosen meets customer needs?
In this project I aim to tell you all about the business I have chosen and identify the ways that it meets the needs of its customers.
The business I have chosen to base my project on is called ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’. The address of the business is: 59-61 George Street, Oldham, OL1 1JF. The business also has a website for its customers:
‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ is a Private Limited Company and therefore this tells me that it has limited liability. The business has 6 employees, the manager, a cleaner and four carpet fitters. * What does ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ do?
‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd ’provide
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One way that ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ meets its customer need is by training its staff. They do this so that the staff know how to do their job and deal with any customers. Training them helps the staff to know how to deal with any problems in the business and what to do in different situations. Training the staff also gives them better knowledge of the product itself so that they can advise customers as to what carpet would suit their budget and requirements the best.

A second way that ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ meets customer needs is by the quality of their service. They have to do this to eliminate and exceed whatever their competition is doing. A way that they do this is by giving its customers: free estimating, free carpet removal, a quality fitting to your standard and a free car park adjacent to the shop. By doing this ‘Lees Heginbotham’ can add this to and advertisement and this will increase customer satisfaction.
A third way that ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ meets customer needs is by dealing with any complaints from customers. If there are any customer complaints ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ will have to deal with it immediately. ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ will have to be polite with the customer even if they are not. If ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ deal with a customer complaint quickly this might increase customer