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Microsoft and Samsung
Microsoft and Samsung
Marketing strategies are ways in which an organisation positions itself in the market where it operates and towards its competitors in the same industry (Ranchhod & Gurau, 2007). The aim of marketing strategies is to give the company a competitive edge over their competitors. Marketing strategies should be developed and implemented in order to utilise the organisation’s strengths. This is in taking advantage of the opportunities within its environment while still protecting itself from its threats. Both Samsung Electronics and Microsoft Corporation have been successful in doing that. This paper will compare and contrast various marketing strategies adopted by these two companies. Microsoft Corporation is considered to be one of the leading software companies in the world. They have a wide variety of products most notably their office software as well as the Windows Operating System. In addition to the softwares, it has entries in computer peripherals, video gaming, interactive television and internet service industries. Samsung Electronics is one of the largest multinational corporations in manufacturing high tech electronics. For more than 70 years, it has strived to make the world better through innovative and reliable products (Yahoo Finance, 2013a).
How the Company plans its Marketing Strategy
Planning a marketing strategy should start with an investigation of the market and its segments. As Ranchhod and Gurau (2007) show, a marketing audit assists in analysing the different trends in the market as well as evaluating their resources in ascertaining their own strategic positioning. Planning an effective marketing strategy is critical to the whole business planning process as it links with the overall strategies. Microsoft Company uses a long term strategy of differentiation as opposed to low cost strategy. Differentiation strategy emphasizes on the brand and quality services, software design and innovation. According to Michael Porter (n.d.), this strategy requires the development of products and services that offer unique characteristics from those of competitors.
Microsoft Corporation plans its marketing strategy by focusing on two main ideas; one is utilising their biggest and most useful resources which is their employees. Microsoft provides them with the very best training, as well as attractive compensation packages. They use the employee’s expertise and skills to build new relations and come up with more innovative products. They believe that their success is enhanced when they stay ahead of competition through enhanced products. Similarly, their plan involves creating a reputable corporate culture which creates an excellent environment for innovation (Viardot, 2004). On its part, Samsung Electronics concentrates its marketing strategies on enhancing the product portfolio by strengthening their distribution channels and creating good infrastructure to gain more market share. With its vision as “inspire the world, create the future”, Samsung plans its marketing strategy around its strengths such as innovative products, new technology and creative solutions. It has positioned itself in offering high quality products especially in the television market. It attracts the most talented and skilled managers in the world as they strive to maintain their brand.
Norms of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Norms of ethics in Microsoft Corporation, known as “standards of business conduct”, is highly regarded. This code is based on the company’s core values which include maintaining customers and shareholders trust, responsible management of the organizations assets, integrity, respect for the environment and compliance with the regulatory requirements. According to Viardot (2004), Microsoft Corporation regards these norms of ethics as very crucial to their success and employees who violate are at risk of