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March 6, 2015
6:30 pm

Meeting Called by: Ali
Type of meeting: Conference Call
Attendees: Ali, Hector, Prashant, Vishal, Imad
Absent: Nam
Agenda: Discuss & Assign Tasks

Responsible for the AS IS process
Presenting with Nam
Google Docs Officer – Draw the model in excel and upload in google docs so everyone’s connected with the progress. Update the diagram every 3-4 days (just in case), members can provide feedback and changes can be made accordingly.
Ali is going to discuss further instructions individually.
Work is connected with everybody
Upload Process map on Google Docs – All work is to be done there. Helpful for everybody and provides instant feedback.
Updates concerns – Need to talk to everyone when making the ASIS model. Everyone needs to be involved.
Make a base model, can use model from Sue’s class.

Printing in charge
Looking at the problem statement, spend time understanding the problem from all dimensions. Specifically looking at the following two slides
1. What is the problem?
2. Scope of the project
Work should be connected to Nam, Ali and Vishals work and should talk about the same issues.
Responsible for setting up the foundations for the customer actions slide. Nam and Ali will take it from there.
You should know instructions. Notice if there is anything missed. Imad will tell us if there are any inconsistencies.

Will act as a “spy” – use connections to see what other teams are doing and working on.
Making sure we are all doing the right things and haven’t missed out on anything.
Provide advise to Prashant when necessary.
Responsible for the “Frontline” slide. You should include customers’ perspective (should be connected to Hector).
List about 4 issues – will stick to top 3

Communication and metrics